Graduation Pictures

One of the biggest moments in a student’s life is going through graduation pictures. For a lot of the students, this is a way to make graduation a real feeling. Many people don’t face the reality of graduating until they see the pictures they have taken. There are some generic poses that need to be done for the yearbook and for certain portraits. The most commonly seen pose for the yearbook photo is the straight forward look with the black tuxedo or dress. The clothing that is seen in these photos is not actually clothing at all. Instead, the photographers drape a miniature version of the tuxedo or the black dress over your shoulders to give the illusion that you are wearing these articles of clothing. One of the great things about these pictures over regular school pictures is you actually get to decide what picture shows up in the yearbook. The photographer will capture a few different looks and angels and give you the opportunity to choose the one you like the best.

Sample Graduation Pictures            Graduation pictures are meant to capture the happiness the student has because they are about to graduate from school. The non-formal pictures that are shot are done according to your taste and likings. If you are a sports fanatic, you can incorporate your favorite team and even wear your sports uniform. This is extremely common for football players who are graduating. They like to put their jersey on for one last time before leaving that particular school. This also works for the other sports in high schools and colleges. These sports range from basketball and soccer to baseball and volleyball. For many students, these sports jerseys are a part of who they are. There is no better way to capture that essence than to wear these jerseys for a graduation photograph shoot.

Another great way to incorporate your personality into these pictures is by bringing in any hobbies or extracurricular activities you might be a part of. The most commonly seen hobby when it comes to these pictures is musical instruments. There are tons of students that participate in the school marching band and concert band. Since they dedicate a lot of their time and effort to practicing and performing, playing these instruments becomes a part of who they are. These students can bring their instruments and even their marching uniforms in and have pictures taken for their own use. It is a great way to let them show their personality and what they love to do in their free time. This goes the same for any students that have other hobbies. This can include painters, sculptors and any other type of student. If you have a certain interest in something, you can now bring items to incorporate into your graduation pictures.

Outfits for Graduation Pictures

College Graduation Pictures       One of the common outfits worn for these pictures is the cap and gown that is worn for the actual graduation ceremony. The day of graduation can be a little crazy and emotional for many students. It can be difficult to get any great pictures taken on the actual day of the ceremony. The senior can now bring the cap and gown that is given to them to their senior portrait appointment. There are many different poses that can be done while wearing this outfit as well. This gives your family a chance to capture the look of graduation without having to take great pictures on the day of graduation. The photographer might even have a fake diploma rolled up for you to hold. Some of the high schools and colleges might take pictures while you are walking across the stage but you are unfortunately not prepared at all for those pictures. At least you can fix your hair and your make up for the professional cap and gown pictures.

For the generic graduation pictures, most students will wear clothing they feel comfortable in. depending on the setting of the pictures, they might wear a more sophisticated outfit or a more relaxed outfit. Some young men will wear a button up shirt with a tie and some young women will wear either a dress or a nice skirt. Graduation pictures are the ideal way to celebrate the fact that you are done with one chapter of your life and about to start a new one.

College Graduation Pictures

College graduation pictures aren’t done nearly as much as the high school ones. Graduating from college is a completely different feeling and experience than graduating from high school. Once you graduate from college, it is time to start a job in the real life. When you graduate from high school, you only get to look forward to more schooling and learning. Having portraits taken for a college graduation is great because it gives these seniors one last chance to feel like a young student. Once they cross the stage at graduation, it is time to start the real world jobs. These pictures can either be taken in a professional setting or taken directly at the college they are graduating from. A lot of these college seniors take pride in the school they attended so they would like to incorporate it as much as possible. The most common college graduation pictures taken are with the cap and gown used to walk across the stage. Each college will have a different color scheme seen with this cap and gown combination. A great way to show your school pride is to have your pictures taken in front of the main college statue. Each college will have a mascot and a main building with a statue in front of it. A lot of students will want to have their picture taken in front of this area while wearing their cap and gown. This can be done right before the student graduates or whenever the student has a free moment. If the family and the student want pictures taken in clothing other than … Continue reading

High School Graduation Pictures

The greatest moment for a high school student is the day they graduate and start the next part of their life. There are a few experiences that go along with the realization of graduating from high school. The first is the senior home coming dance and prom. This lets students realize the school year is coming to an end and these will be the last dances they attend. Aside from the actual graduation ceremony, the other experience is having your high school graduation pictures taken. This is usually done before the school year even begins. Instead of having your school picture taken in the auditorium like the other grades, most schools have the seniors get these pictures taken from a separate facility. There are many different backdrops and accessories for seniors to choose from to make these pictures are personalized as possible. They will have to take the picture that goes in the yearbook first. This is a generic pose and outfit so every student looks the same for the yearbook. The best way to bring out your personality for these pictures is by doing your hair differently or even wearing some flashy accessories. For the most part, all of the students look the same for these high school graduation pictures. For the other pictures, the photographer lets you pick what you want to wear and what pose you want to do. This is where the students can express their personality and interests. There is usually a list of backdrops and settings for them to choose from. If they played sports in high school, they can wear their … Continue reading